ReAsia 2004


Allgemeine Information

Datum: 07. – 09.04.2004
Ort: Beijing (RC), Steiermark
Adresse: Beijing, Beijing (RC)
China, Beijing. REAsia 2004 will provide a larger perspective by catering to not only the Chinese renewable Energy industry but also of the Ease Asian, South East Asian, South Asian and Middle East markets.

REAsia 2004 is introducing the following new areas namely, Solar Thermal & Photovotaic, Biomass and Biofules, Geothermal, Small/Micro Hydro, Hygrogen & Fule Cell, Energy from Waste, Wave/Tidal Technology and Wind Power.


Room 1311, Tower A, Zhongyun Building
Wangjing New Industrial Zone
Chaoyuang District
Beijing 100102 China
Tel.: 86 10/64390338
Fax: 86 10/64390339

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