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Datum: 27. - 30.11.2018

Ort: Eurexpo Lyon, Frankreich

Veranstalter: Reed Expositions


The 28th international trade show for environmental equipment, technologies and services.

POLLUTEC 2018, the international trade show for environmental and energy stakeholders working for economic performance

Key figures from 2016:

  • 65,000 m² of exhibition space,
  • 2,400 exhibitors, 30% of them international,
  • 60,000 attendees in 4 days,
  • Up to 200 innovations presented for the first time in Europe or the world,
  • 450 lectures.

Pollutec will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018: step by step, the trade show has established itself as a true showcase of all the equipment, technologies and services for the environment and energy. It is a springboard for market innovations and a crossroads for international development opportunities to connect all those with a stake in the industry.


Showcasing innovation has been Pollutec’s primary purpose since its creation. The innovations presented at the trade show cover all the latest developments in the environmental market, ranging from previews of technological and organizational solutions and industries that are emerging or undergoing a structuring process to emerging topics and new approaches that will be making the news in the future.

On the programme:

  • Innovation showcase,
  • Innovation spots,
  • Innovation and industries space,
  • Prices and trophies.


Find more information on http://www.pollutec.com/en/home/


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