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Datum: 20. – 21.03.2012
Ort: (DK) Dänemark, Steiermark
Adresse: Copenhagen, (DK) Dänemark

Join us in Copenhagen on March 20-21st 2012 for world class international cleantech knowledge exchange and networking.

The conference and site visits offer a unique opportunity for ‘International Cleantech Networking’ with more than ten of the most advanced cleantech clusters in the world!

Exchange of best practice, new business opportunities,

matchmaking & partner search, new research, advanced cleantech solutions implemented and next practice. Meet stakeholders from advanced solutions implemented in Copenhagen within waste, water & waste water, smart grid and green buildings and experience cleantech solutions from around the globe.

Matchmaking opportunities among companies, researchers and public institutions – the entire triple helix – from Singapore, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Colorado, North Carolina, Norway, France (members of the International Cleantech Network). We also expect visitors from Israel, the UK, Sweden, Finland, and Brazil among others. 

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