ökosan´11 - International conference on high-quality thermal retrofit of large-volume buildings


Allgemeine Information

Datum: 28. – 30.09.2011
Ort: (A) Graz, Steiermark
Adresse: , (A) Graz

Within the three-day international conference to be held for the fourth time, topics are analyzed and shown around the high-energy and environmental building renovation with representatives from politics, economy and research.

Topics of „ökosan´11“:

  • General conditions for high-performance renovation of buildings

  • “Building of Tomorrow Plus”- results of the current program

  • Initiatives to support the launch and implementation of industrial innovation in a future oriented design

  • Key technologies and concepts of plus-energy buildings

  • Demonstration projects with new technologies and innovative concepts

  • Best practice examples

Conference languages: English and German – simultaneous interpretation

Further information: http://www.aee-intec-events.org/index.php?lang=de

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