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Datum: 09. – 10.02.2004
Ort: Bratislava (CZ), Steiermark
Adresse: Ambrova 35, Bratislava (CZ)
The Energy Centre Bratislava cordially invites you to the International Slovak Biomass Forum 2004 Conference. Coming from results of the previous successful conference annuals, taking into consideration the recent challenges in the energy sector in Slovakia as well as in Europe, the ISBF 2004 will be dedicated to the main theme:
Biomass – the opportunity for business,regional development and clever energy management

ISBF 2004 will focus on practical and sound solutions of the most important legal, financial, organisational and process bariers recently existing in the market environment. In the context of possibilities offered by EU accession funding/community programmes available for new EU member states, JI/ET schemes as well as commercial loans, ISBF 2004 will broadly discuss the opportunities for financing of biomass projects. Participants and speakers will be provided with opportunity to inform and to be informed about current status of biomass utilisation in Slovakia/other CEEC, actions planned and future perspectives. For the first time in its history, the conference will be organized in the form of thematic workshops and panel discussions, moderated by top level experts and journalists. The main goal is to connect diverse market interest groups, focus on identification of weak points, find out solutions and significantly contribute to biomass take-off in the market environment. ISBF 2004 will help to establish fair business activities, contacts and ideas among actors from Slovakia and other EU countries.


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