International Conference: Creating Cultures of Success for Women Engineers


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Datum: 06. – 08.10.2005
Ort: (A) Leibnitz, Steiermark
Adresse: Schloß Retzhof, (A) Leibnitz
The conference aims at discussing the outcomes of the WomEng Project (2003-2005, financed under FP5 of the EU). Women are currently under-represented in all areas of engineering and many years of effort to attract more young women into engineering careers have met with only limited success. This project aims to identify and compare the personal, educational and socio-cultural factors that influence women’s and men’s choices towards engineering at key stages in their lives, and their success or lack of persistence. Qualitative and quantitative methods have been applied to investigate hindering and supporting factors for successful engineering careers of women.

Participants will come from the research teams of the seven project partners: CDEFI Paris (Co-ordination), INSA Lyon, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, University of Stirling, Technical University Kosice, EDEM, WiTEC Finland, and IFF/IFZ Graz. Invited speakers will broaden the interdisciplinary and international perspectives.

Presentations will focus on methodological aspects of cross-national, cross-cultural comparison, on „Cultures of Success in Higher Education“, on „Cultures of Success in Professional Sphere“. We will present and discuss a series of recommendations to enhance the successful recruitment and retention of women engineers throughout the European Union. These will enhance economic competitiveness and social mobility by addressing issues around equality of opportunity and gender-mainstreaming in institutions of higher education and the professional arena.

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Dr. Anita Thaler, IFF/IFZ

Dr. Christine Wächter, IFF/IFZ

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