IC 2008 Energy Conference


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Datum: 06. – 07.11.2008
Ort: (SLO) Portoroz, Steiermark
Adresse: Kempinski Palace Hotel, (SLO) Portoroz

The Slovenia Times, the only Slovenian English-language newspaper, and Energetika.NET, business energy news, are organizing a conference on investment opportunities in the energy sector in Western Balkan.

The aim of the conference is to

  • overview (energy) situation in the region,

  • present key projects for the region (South Stream, Nabucco etc.) and

  • identify investment opportunities in the individual Western Balkans markets.


The conference will also focus on regulatory environment to help the participants understand the peculiarities of doing business and investing in the energy sector across the region. Companies that have already established their presence in the region and invested in energy projects will share their experiences, allowing the participants to gain a deeper insight into the investment climate in the Western Balkans.

The IC Conferences take pride in being one of the most attractive venues for networking and exchange of information and opinions on investment opportunities in the region. If you want to establish valuable contacts and meet the right people, then you should not miss the IC 2008 Energy conference with
relevant and thought-provoking programme,distinguished speakers and international attendance,excellent organization of networking,key actors/decision makers and government representatives.

What will be heard:

  • Overview of (energy) situation in the region

  • Investment climate, taxation and legislation

  • Key energy projects crucial for future of the region

  • Actual opportunities for investments in the Western Balkans

  • Experiences of big international energy companies in the region

  • Support and contribution of financial institutions


Who will you meet:

  • international energy companies present in the region

  • leading regional energy companies

  • regional and international investment banks

  • consultancies

  • government representatives from the countries of the region

  • decision makers from the business community



Why participation is an excellent opportunity for you:

  • you will get to know potential business partners, the biggest European energy companies

  • you will get an overview of investment opportunities in the region’s energy sector

  • you will have a chance relax in an international setting


For any additional information visit www.investment-conference.si.


Tanja Wondra
+386 1/40 12 868

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