GreenTech Forum Slovenia 2018


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Datum: 12.09.2018

Ort: IEDC - Bled School of Management

Veranstalter: Center of energy efficiency solutions -CER


GreenTech Forum 2018 will highlight increasingly important topic of transition to the green economy, as green technologies in the global market bring many innovations and new opportunities in the environmental, social and economic fields. A high significance for GTF 2018 is therefore to encourage networking and co-creation of trusting collaborations between Slovenian and international companies in the filed of green economy transition.


With regard to the OECD Declaration on Green Growth and 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the formal name Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2030 Agenda) set by the United Nations in 2015, GTF 2018 strives to bring together Slovenian and international companies with an aim to build green economy strategic collaborations and joint projects.
Unconcerned economic growth continues to erode natural capital and we believe green economy – oriented technologies, products and services make a key contribution to securing sustainable growth and coexistence over the long term.


In this respect we kindly invite you to take part at the GTF 2018 and actively participate within the event that will address the challenges that delivering on green growth is confronting nowadays.
Within the mission of GTC Forum, which is to promote the importance of good practices in the successful companies in Slovenia that are active in the transition to a green, low-carbon economy, we encourage you to interplay between various business people, specialists and professionals that are moving organisational boundaries towards a green economy.


In this sense, the event will also highlight the strategies and solutions that further promote opportunities for the development of new green technologies, cities, more efficient management of natural resources, promotion and development of Slovenian knowledge.
GTF will open the green economy discussion with representatives of the domestic and foreign companies in Slovenia, which are developing green economy, while seeking international connections and economic opportunities, government representative, decision makers and the academic sector working in the field of development and promotion of the green economy.



Ana Struna Bregar
CEO, Center of Energy Efficient Solutions

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