Green Tech Jam 2021


Students from different disciplines (coders, designers, developers, engineers, environmental system scientists, …) in interdisciplinary teams are working on creative new solutions for the Green Tech sector. Green Tech Jammers rapidly prototype product/service designs and develop new ideas to foster growth in the green tech industry.

Friday, April 16th & Saturday, April 17th

Come and join us at Green Tech Jam 2021! We are looking for brainpowerd enthusiasts with a green heart and a passion for contributing to a sustainable, worth living future!

We prepared 6 challenges for the smartest and bravest of you – are YOU going to hack the Green Tech Jam 2021? The winning teams are awarded 5.000 €! Use your know-how and skills to shape a sustainable future!

Be cool. Be green. Be a Green Tech Jammer!

Detailed information & registration


Martina Schöneich
Green Tech Cluster
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