FIMAI – International Industrial Environment and Sustainability Fair


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Datum: 04. – 06.11.2009
Ort: (BR) Sao Paulo, Steiermark
Adresse: Blue Pavilion, Expo Center Norte, (BR) Sao Paulo

The FIMAI – International Industrial Environment and Sustainability Fair – which this year is going to happen on november 4th, 5th and 6th, 2008, at Blue Pavilion, at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, SP, is going to present important options on environment area and will possibility the contact with the most important experts and entrepreneurs, on this moment, in Brazil.Considered the most representative fair on industrial environment of Latin America, the FIMAI brings an excellent option to show the best and the most advanced that there is in world, being a great attractive for investidors and national and international entrepreneurs who want to be more in contact with companies of the sector, make business and expand the web of trade relationships.New tendencies, technological inovations, well succeded environment practices and pro activity on social-environment sector it’s the trademark of the exhibitors of the fair, turning the event in a center that creates experiences and important businesses, in a moment that the industrial environment market is expanding and getting easier the interaction with business representatives of several countries.The FIMAI aim

  • Encourage contacts with companies active in the environmental sector;

  • Promote an exchange of information on sustainable development technology, equipments, goods and services;

  • Encourage and reinforce the exchange of experiences among Brazil and other countries;

  • Promote convergence of interests between public and private management in sustainable investment with investors and business partners with investidors in Brazil and internationally;

  • Possibility of excellent business.


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