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Datum: 01.03.2006
Ort: (A) Wels, Steiermark
Adresse: Stadthalle Wels, (A) Wels
Market and technology trends – new initiatives in the fields of materials, logistics, marketing, financing – innovative products and services

The European Pellets Forum follows the very successful European Pellets Conferences, which were held in the framework of the World Sustainable Energy Days 2004 and 2005 and which attracted over 600 participants in each year. The European Pellets Forum offers a platform to discuss present market and technology trends, to open up new application possibilities and markets as well as to present innovative products.

Conference topics:
innovative technologies, products and solutions
– small, medium and large-scale applications
– financing and operation models
– new applications, new markets
– new fuels and materials, pellets production, boiler technologies, transport logistics
– support programme, information campaigns, training initiatives

Preis: 50,- Euro (exkl. 10% MWSt.)

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