European Biodiesel 2013


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Datum: 12. – 13.06.2013
Ort: Portugal, Lisbon, Steiermark
Adresse: Lisbon, Portugal, Lisbon

Date: Wednesday 12 June 2013 – Thursday 13 June 2013
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
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Reviewing the Latest Technologies, Policies & Strategies Shaping the Future of First & Advanced Generation Biodiesel & Bio-Oil Derived Jet Fuel in Europe

A unique and highly-focused event, ACI’s 6th annual European Biodiesel conference will comprise two days of formal presentations, interactive panel discussions and excellent networking opportunities, providing an open and intimate setting for senior executives and experts from the following industries:

  • First generation biodiesel (FAME)

  • Advanced generation renewable diesel (BTL, HVO, cellulosic diesel, algae, jatropha, bacteria, yeast, fungus etc.)

  • Renewable jet fuel derived from bio-oil (jatropha & algae)

How is the first generation biodiesel industry responding to policy reform in the EU? In which direction will the fossil fuel industry be looking for biodiesel to meet their blending requirements? What practices can be implemented to ensure a sustainable supply chain? What is the outlook for commercial-scale advanced generation renewable diesel production in Europe? What are the latest developments in future feedstock options?

European Biodiesel 2013 will address all these and many other questions key to the future development of the industry as well as offer a limited number of attendees the opportunity to attend a site visit to Iberol’s biodiesel production plant in Alhandra, just a short drive from central Lisbon.

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