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Datum: 20. - 24.04.2020

Ort: Graz

Veranstalter: EuroEnviro


In Bezug auf die aktuellen Entwicklungen rund um das Corona-Virus und den in Kraft getretenen Erlass der Bundesregierung zu Indoor-Veranstaltungen, wird die EURO ENVIRO auf ein noch unbekanntes Datum verschoben.  Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis.


Europe’s Biggest Independent Students Congress on Environmental Issues

EuroEnviro is a congress on environmental issues. Therefore EuroEnviro is a platform for students to exchange ideas from all disciplines and build a European network. Within the scope of lectures, workshops and excursions on this year’s topic a deep and interdisciplinary understanding will be generated.
Young students from all culturaland social backgrounds will meet to share their ideas and develop a vision for a green future.


Climate Change has never been in the center of attention as it is now. At the conference, academic knowledge from leading scientists on climate physics, social and economic effects, factors of climate psychology and much more will be shared. The topic will be worked on from different perspectives and action levels connected with an all-embracing systemic view.

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Simone Stich

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