Environmental Protection is a must


Allgemeine Information

Datum: 10. – 12.05.2003
Ort: Alexandria (ET), Steiermark
Adresse: Sheraton El Montaza Hotel, Alexandria (ET), Alexandria (ET)
The conference aim is to open wide spectra of discussion among the scientists in the different countries on environmental problems.
It´s objectives are important and will include:

  • Exchange recent on environmental changes and pollution
  • Updating the present knowledge on the impact of chemical pollution of soll, water and air on wild life and man.
  • Discussion on legal and technological measures to reduce pollution levels
  • Recommendations and suggestions to concerned authorities


Chem. Samy El-Gindy
G. Secretary of the conference

Tel.: (203)425 38 74
Fax: (203)429 53 36

Bildquelle: ORF Science

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