Energy Paths – Horizon 2050


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Datum: 16.03.2006
Ort: (A) Wien, Steiermark
Adresse: Palais Auersberg, (A) Wien

The international conference „Energy Paths – Horizon 2050“ is organised within the Austrian EU Presidency in the first half of the year 2006. The conference aims at strengthening the long-term energy perspective of the EU with a clear view to achieve a sustainable and secure energy future that is based on the implementation of appropriate technologies.

The identification of crucial factors that are going to affect the energy system over the next 40- to 50- years is essential when making policy decisions. Exploring and identifying the uncertainties of these factors are therefore critical in order to formulate strategies. Despite the given uncertainties, these strategies have the aim to produce the fewest drawbacks and to provide the greatest benefits for our society.

Through adequate European policy and regulatory framework, policy responses can support the development of a rational mix of the most efficient, environmentally friendly and economical energy technology options in order to approach a sustainable energy system.

Addressed Participants: Representatives of public authorities responsible for energy policy and technology, executive officers, stake holders from industrial sectors and NGOs
Conference Language: English.

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