Electronics Goes Green 2004+


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Datum: 06. – 08.09.2004
Ort: Berlin, Steiermark
Adresse: n.b., Berlin
Prof. Herbert Reichl Chairman of EGG 2004+, Director of Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM), Head Research Center for Microperipherics at TU Berlin

As the electronics industry matures the technology and business environment is changing more quickly. Moreover, new tasks evolve from globalization and the need for a balanced „sustainable“ development. Design for Environment and Environmental Management Systems are not new to the electronics sector. However, with dynamically increasing dissemination of electronics and its convergence with everyday products (ubiquitous electronics) a holistic approach to product and business design has to be taken. This approach should incorporate environmental, economical as well as social and cultural considerations for new solutions.

Sustainability means that the electronics industry should take full responsibility of its products over the whole life cycle. Starting from eco- and human-oriented design and manufacturing, we have to create new business concepts. This is necessary in order to integrate the growing number of market participants and customers from developing countries. Giving them equal opportunities without compromising environmental or social requirements will need global thinking and local solutions.

With our conference „Electronics Goes Green 2004+“ we want to continue our dialog between experts from the electronics and environment sectors, which started four years ago. I am looking forward to an international event of high level expertise and a variety of topics, which reflect the necessity of sustainable development as well as different approaches to its implementation.


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