Ecomondo 2009


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Datum: 28. – 31.10.2009
Ort: (I) Rimini, Steiermark
Adresse: Rimini Fiera, (I) Rimini

TOWARDS A ‘NEW DEAL ECOLOGY´: the major exhibition dedicated to the Green Economy

The Third Industrial Revolution, as this current phase of contemporary society has been labelled, requires a production system that makes sustainability key to business, attributing greater value to products thus obtained and delivering enhanced efficiency in services. Environmental technologies and biotechnologies, eco-design in services, dematerialization, factor 10 and various other issues all find concrete expression in the innovative management technology showcased at Ecomondo.


  • the largest annual expo for the environment and sustainability industry which endeavours to meet the global challenge of profitably combining development and sustainability, environment and energy, globalization and environmental protection. It represents a concerted effort to reduce harmful emissions by implementing new systems and technologies, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels

  • a forum for networking and privileged exchange between KEY MARKET PLAYERS

  • an unrivalled source of information and training for sector professionals, stakeholders

  • a virtuous appointment for businesses and local agencies working in favour of sustainability, making it key to business, competitiveness and quality



  • new green deal

  • conscious growth/conscious purchasing, eco-design

  • technologies tailored to sustainable progress

  • social responsibility/ethics

  • green revolution/winning vision


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Rimini Fiera S.P.A.
Daniela Bernabè
Via Emilia, 155
I-47900 Rimini

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