Development and Operation of Medium Scale Biomass Heating Projects


Allgemeine Information

Datum: 22. – 27.02.2004
Ort: Mitterdorf im Mürztal (A), Steiermark
Adresse: Pichl Forestry School,
Rittisstraße 1, Mitterdorf im Mürztal (A)
EU-sponsored Training Course

Heating large buildings with biomass can be fully economic – even without or with low amounts of subsidies in most European countries. In Austria hundreds of such projects exist and the number is rapidly rising. In some provinces more than 50% of all new residential blocks are heated with wood fuels.

Key barriers for heating a large building with wood chips or pellets are the lack of awareness of the owner and the lack of an energy service provider – a company or co-operative that invests in the heating system, organises fuel supply, operates the biomass boiler and sells the heat.

This one week training course is organised in the context of the ALTENER project BIOHEAT II – a project dedicated to the promotion of wood heating in large buildings throughout Europe.

It is the aim of this training to enable the participants to

1. understand in detail how small biomass heating projects can be developed and operated,
2. develop an own small energy service business as economic activity,
3. support and give advice to other local actors, that are interested in starting small energy service businesses with biomass heating.

The training will be given by Austrian top experts in the subject, some of which have given advice to more than 100 small regional heat service companies.


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