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Datum: 01. – 02.03.2006
Ort: (A) Wels, Steiermark
Adresse: Stadthalle Wels, (A) Wels

Innovative technologies, products, services and programmes for heating and cooling with solar energy and biomass – integrated solutions for efficient and sustainable buildings – European Biomass Action Plan – R & D trends – financing models & marketing

The interest of private and public building owners and users in solar and biomass for heating and cooling of buildings as well as for industrial processes is growing: the sharp increase in fossil fuel prices, the availability of cost-efficient technologies and the legislative framework of the European Buildings Directive open up new markets throughout Europe.

The conference will showcase innovative solutions for heating and cooling with solar energy and biomass and it will present the major technology and policy trends for the coming years. It will also address to the challenge of marketing and promoting green heating and cooling to the million building owners and users in Europe, be they companies, public bodies, housing associations or individual homeowners.

Conference topics:
– innovative solutions and technologies for heating and cooling of buildings and for industrial processes
– small, medium and large-scale installations, using biomass and solar energy for heating and/or cooling (e.g. homes, service and tertiary buildings, industrial applications
– innovative financing solutions for green heating and cooling, including Third Party Financing, PPPs etc.
-guarantee of results, fuel logistics, distribution networks, building integration
– district heating and cooling, micro networks
– promotion, dissemination programmes and policies
– awareness raising and training
– legislative initiatives, especially relating to the European Building Directive
– selected technology topics, e.g. solar cooling, condensing boilers

Preis: 150,- Euro (exkl. 10% MWSt.)

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