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Datum: 03.03.2006
Ort: (A) Wels, Steiermark
Adresse: Stadthalle Wels, (A) Wels

Programmes, strategies and initiatives to promote green electricity production and use – innovative technologies & successful projects – grid system issues, administrative procedures, guarantee of origin

Regional and local action is essential to achieve the European targets in the field of renewable electricity production and use: not only are many initiatives for new green electricity installations started on local level but also some of the main obstacles can only be overcome regionally and locally.

The conference will discuss how to increase the market development of electricity from renewables and how local governments take an active role and benefit from the positive economic development.

Conference topics:
– action plans and programmes in the field of electricity from renewable energy sources on local, regional, national, European and global levels
– successfully realised projects and initiatives
– technological innovation, R & D projects
– market trends
– promotion, marketing and training
– dialogue between stakeholder groups, the role of regulators
– grid system issues, administrative procedures, guarantee of origin
– support schemes, innovative financing, public-private-partnerships

Preis: 50,- Euro (exkl. 10% MWSt.)

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