Common Challenge 04


Allgemeine Information

Datum: 21. – 23.04.2004
Ort: Graz (A), Steiermark
Adresse: Stadthalle Graz, Graz (A)
The enlargement of the European Union is to be seen as a historical chance to overcome the artificial split of the European continent. United strong Europe, bigger and more stable, will have the power to utilise the advantages of a new large single market more intensively.

That is the reason for organising Common Challenge 04. The conference offers the possibility to form new interregional co-operation and to design joint as well as sustainable networks and actions.

The aims of this unique conference are to bring together stakeholder from participating regions, the European Commission and international development banks, and to develop project strategies to facilitate the growth of one common Europe.

Common Challenge 04 is the first opportunity of this kind and in order to guarantee sustainable cooperation, further conferences will follow.

Our Approach
We want to empower interregional co-operation through enhancing awareness for joint and concerted activities. Thus leading motives of conference are as follows:

Hear different opinions
Thinking ahead in a time of changes: Common Challenge 04 engages in a collaborative exploration of an interregional future development, discovering the frontiers of knowledge and creating innovative tools for strategic action.

Speak one language
Common Challenge 04 approaches in a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary way by managing information as well as experiences and knowledge in a strictly applicable form. Thus all participants will meet their ambitious goals.

See your chances
Facing the urge to perform, Common Challenge 04 offers strategic and operational guidelines for a joint interregional development. Therefore a system of new partnerships will be created fostering European added value.


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