CMT´s Algae World 2009: Towards Commercialization. Linking up Algae Value Chain


Allgemeine Information

Datum: 27. – 28.04.2009
Ort: (NL) Rotterdam, Steiermark
Adresse: Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk – Rio Grande, Lv3, (NL) Rotterdam

CMT´s 2nd Algae World 2009 brings together the global algae community to access key strategies adopted by successful algae businesses in integrating upcoming trends and practices into your business value chains.

At Algae World 2009, algae sector´s top experts and decision makers will share their frank insights on overcoming technical, organizational and financial challenges, as well as triumphing over the uncertain years ahead.

The challenges of commercialising algae production and its applications in energy production or other product applications are numerous. Fundamental technological questions are

  • Where to grow the algae?

  • Which strains to choose?

  • How to boost productivity?

  • How to design the most cost effective production system?


„With algae, the downstream oil to fuel conversion processes are coming along nicely – the challenges lie in the growth, harvesting and oil extraction“ – Al Darzins, US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (extracted from Dec ´08, Chemistry World)

Algae World 2009 is a must attend forum, dedicated to mapping the entire algae value chain, from production to application, and will give your Algae business the edge to stay ahead in this very competitive environment!

Algae World 2009 dives into critical sessions to ensure the success of your ventures:

  • Managing an efficient value chain – multiple output & revenues

  • Full utilization of algae´s potential – markets and technology of converting to Biodiesel, Bioethanol, Carbon Sequestration, Water Remediation, Biogas, Biochemicals, Animal Feed

  • Capabilities and limitations of Open System vs. Closed System / Hybrid

  • Algae Productivity and Photosynthetic Efficiency

  • How to achieve target production cost?

  • Innovations & breakthroughs in algal harvesting

  • Best practices in algal biomass processing

  • Impact of difficult credit markets on clean-tech private equity investment


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You will network with

  • Algae Technology Developers

  • Cleantech Entrepreneurs

  • Algal Science Research Institutes

  • Aquaculturists

  • Financiers and Investors (Limited partners & investment banks, Venture capitalists, angels, corporate and institutional investors, Hedge fund and private equity managers, Project financiers and asset manager)

  • Oil Companies/Fuel Distributors

  • Industrial Carbon Generators – Mining Companies,
    Power Plant Operators, Cement Plant Operators

  • End-users – Biofuels Producers, Animal Feed Companies, Fish, Poultry,
    Pig and Cattle Farming, Nutraceutical Companies, Fertilizer Manufacturers, Aircraft/Engine Manufacturers

  • Equipment Suppliers – Centrifuge Manufacturers, Oil Extraction Machineries, Waste Water Processing Equipments

  • Civil Engineering Companies


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