Climathon Graz


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Datum: 24. - 25.10.2019

Ort: Graz

Veranstalter: Climate-KIC


Create a team and develop solutions for climate challenges put forward by: Klima- und Energiefonds, Montanuniversität Leoben, Energie Graz and Landwirtschaftskammer Steiermark


The Climathon in Graz will give you the opportunity to get involved and be a part of how your city changes in the future. Turn your vision into a solution by working with experts in your field of interest and find new ways of thinking. You can come with a preexisting idea or simply be part of a team that will have the chance to win prizes and further develop your idea after the climathon. There will be experts, mentors, drinks and food to support you through this 24 hour hackathon!



Find Solutions for a sustainable Future! Together with our challenge partners we have identified four different fields of interest! Support us with your brainpower!

  • Creating more awareness about Climate Protection and Climate Change Adaptation
  • Agriculture during Climate Change: what does it look like and how can one campaign for it?
  • Zero Plastic Waste in Graz
  • Target aimed motivation of customers to save energy







Katrin Brugger
Climate KIC

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