BioEnergyTrain Project Final Conference


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Datum: 09.04.2019

Ort: Brüssel

Veranstalter: eseia - european sustainable energy innovation alliance


The European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance (eseia) would like to invite you to the Final Conference of the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation Project BioEnergyTrain (BET). The Project will end in April 2019 after four years of successful cooperation between Higher Educational Institutes, Research Organisations and Businesses among six different countries.


Project Results

BioEnergyTrain has developed and implemented multiple cooperative educational formats to become a role model for practice-oriented education, including:
I. 2 Master Curricula (BRE and BVM)

II. 19 BET Courses

III. Professional Educational Formats (Interdisciplinary Student Camp, International Summer School, Pilot Plant Course, Design Case Work, Internship, Master thesis).


To disseminate the Project final results the BET Consortium will present the educational formats and training materials. You will hear about what they are, where you can find and how to use them. Furthermore, the Final Conference will give plenty of opportunities to get involved, in order to build on the BET’s experiences and to ensure sustainability after the lifetime of the Project.


To support the above, the morning session of the event the Final Results of the BioEnergyTrain Project will be presented and discussed. The afternoon session will focus on the actual Buying-In opportunities to get involved and Partners can exchange experiences among new Partners, during two Discussions-Tables, one for Businesses and one for Higher Educational Institutes.
The draft programme is available in Annex 1 of this invitation.

Registration: Please register by 28 February 2019



Anna Gabbert
+43 (316) 873 - 5281

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