AutMoNet 2004


Allgemeine Information

Datum: 19. – 20.04.2004
Ort: Wien (A), Steiermark
Adresse: Muthgasse 18, Wien (A)
Automation in Water Quality Monitoring

There is an increasing need for water quality information systems. These systems are mainly based on automated measurement devices. In order to discuss the state of the art and the future possibilities the main objective of the 2nd International IWA Conference on „Automation in Water Quality Monitoring – AutMoNet 2004“ is to enhance the dialogue between water specialists, plant operators, chemists and instrument suppliers. This interdisciplinary dialogue is essential for the development of solutions for water quality management. An accompanying exhibition will present the state of the art.

In May 2002 about 200 participants from 25 countries and various disciplines attended AutMoNet 2002 that was also held in Vienna. The emergent nature of the conference topics initiated much discussion. Participants agreed that AutMoNet 2002 should be the beginning of a series. It has been suggested that the next conference should be held in 2004.

Who should attend?

Researchers and practitioners in water quality management, plant operators, chemical engineers, administrative staff, experts in sensor technology, telemetry, chemistry, companies active in instrumentation / process analysers.


English will be the official language of the conference. No translation service will be provided.


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