8th International Vacuum Insulation Symposium


Allgemeine Information

Datum: 18. – 19.09.2007
Ort: (D) Würzburg, Steiermark
Adresse: Würzburg, (D) Würzburg

The 8th International Vacuum Insulation Symposium continues a series of conferences initiated by the former Vacuum Insulation Association (VIA). The most recent conference was held at EMPA in Switzerland in 2005.

The Bavarian Center For Applied Energy Research (ZAE Bayern) in Würzburg and the University of Würzburg will host the 8th International Vacuum Insulation Symposium in September. The symposium will be held on the University of Würzburg campus Am Hubland in the biology centre (Biozentrum).

Recent years have seen encouraging developments in vacuum insulation technologies with regard to performance, service-life, cost-effectiveness, and new applications. The symposium will offer informative technical sessions, exhibits, presentations and networking opportunities in the field of high-performance thermal insulation systems. The main topics of the symposium will be evacuated opaque insulation, evacuated window systems and nanoporous materials. The symposium welcomes manufacturers and users of building components, white goods and temperature-controlled shipping systems.

The symposium will be accompanied by an exhibition and poster presentations. Participants are invited to an evening dinner on the first day of presentations.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie auf der Homepage des Symposiums.


ZAE Bayern
Am Hubland
97074 Würzburg

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