SILYZER – Elektrolyse-System

Eine innovative Siemens-Lösung – für eine saubere und nachhaltige Welt von morgen. Das Elektrolyse-System auf Basis der PEM-(Proton Exchange Membrane)-Technologie kann überschüssige Wind- und Sonnenenergie sinnvoll verwerten und speichern.

The next paradigm in PEM electrolysis

Silyzer 300 is the latest, most powerful product line in the double-digit megawatt range of Siemens’ PEM electrolysis portfolio. Silyzer 300’s modular design makes unique use of scaling effects to minimize investment costs for large-scale industrial electrolysis plants. The optimized solution results in very low hydrogen production costs thanks to high plant efficiency and availability.

Decarbonize your industry with a system that...
- offers the highest level of efficiency and extraordinary dynamics at a competitive price and with low maintenance requirements,
- is free of hazardous substances,
- delivers nothing but pure hydrogen of the highest quality.

Niederlassung Graz, Strassgangerstraße 315
8054 Graz, Österreich
Ihre Kontaktperson zur Lösung
Gerhard Geisswinkler
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