NRG-X Charging Systems GmbH
Plüddemanngasse 39
8010 Graz, Österreich
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Ansprechpartner: DI Christian Flechl +43436646527228

NRG-X Charging Systems GmbH


Redefining charging for e-mobility: fully-automatic, high power charging, efficient; affordable, simply retrofittable to every electric vehicle.


Automatic charging solution
NRG-X is the world’s first fully automatic charging solution, which provides efficient, high power energy transfer, has a great range of parking tolerance, replaces entirely an expensive conventional wallbox and can be simply retrofitted to every electric vehicle. Therefore, NRG-X is the ideal solution for convenient every day charging of your electric vehicle primarily at home. The system comprises two basic components:

  • Connecting Array – Mounted on the car’s underbody
  • Base Station – The connecting system in or on your driveway

Fundamental approach

The highly advanced, conductive connecting mechanism of NRG-X enables the reduction of the manually, multi-dimensional plug-in movement of the charging cable to a fully automatic, one-dimensional, vertical movement. For this reason, the innovative, patented, polyphase connecting system, which is located in the base station, can connect to every single point within the area, which is covered by the connecting array. Therefore, no straight to the point parking is required anymore in contrast to inductive systems.