AEE - Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien (AEE INTEC), 8200 Gleisdorf

Master-Arbeit/Praktikum: CFD Simulation Model for Membrane Distillation Module

AEE – Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien (AEE INTEC) ist ein außeruniversitäres Forschungsinstitut, das im Jahr 1988 gegründet wurde. AEE INTEC beschäftigt derzeit rund 60 MitarbeiterInnen aus acht verschiedenen Nationen und vergibt laufend Dissertationen, Masterarbeiten und Praktika.
– Grundlagen- und anwendungsorientierte Forschung
– Nationale und internationale F&E-Projekte
– Kooperationen mit Universitäten, FHs, anderen Forschungseinrichtungen und der Industrie
AEE INTEC arbeitet in den Bereichen „thermische Solarenergienutzung“, „Nachhaltige Gebäude“, sowie „Industrielle Prozesse und Energiesysteme“.

Research Field

Membrane distillation (MD) is a non-isothermal membrane separation process that is currently utilized for product separation and / or product concentration for various industries such as waste water treatment plants, galvanic, food, desalination, environmental / waste cleaning. MD has significantly less electrical energy demand compared to other membrane processes and has a potential to be integrated with renewable energy resources. The driving force for MD process is the thermal gradient between feed and permeate solutions.
At AEE INTEC we have a team dedicated to research and innovation in the field of Membrane Distillation. We are currently involved in various projects focusing on; pilot plant experimental analysis of MD processes for various applications, design of MD modules, simulations and validation of MD processes using theoretical models.

Master Thesis / Internship

For this Master thesis / internship, the work will focus on design and optimization of direct contact MD module (DCMD) using three-dimensional CFD simulations. A numerical CFD model will be developed for simulating the trans-membrane flux, temperature and concentration distribution across the MD module. Special focus will be placed on the modeling of complex woven / non-woven spacers in the flow channels of the MD module.


– Access to CFD simulation tool
– Good working knowledge of a CFD simulation tool (COMSOL, Openfoam etc)
– Student in the field of Mechanical, Chemical, Computational Mechanics, Physics, Mathemat-ics or related field
– Fluent in English and German (written and spoken)

We provide

– Paid master thesis / internship for a duration of 6 months
– Supervision by experienced staff / researchers
– An international research environment in the field of renewable energy
– Starting Date: Beginning of November
– Kontakt: Christoph Brunner, Tel 03112 5886-470, / Ahemd Junaid Tahir, Tel 03112-5886-456,

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