Investing in our future: Good examples of EU funded projects

6. März 2013



The European Union budget is relatively small (around 1% of EU GNI), but it can make a big difference. Around 94% of the European Union budget supports researchers, businesses, farmers, regions, young people and many others.

Too little is known about the concrete projects on the ground and how they bring about concrete results and benefits for citizens and businesses as well as for the wider European economy. This non-exhaustive list of good EU projects gives you an idea. Did you know for example that the EU supports solutions to traffic and environmental problems in European cities, that it helps to preserve our environment, allows for energy savings and makes our economy more sustainable? That it supports reconciliation in Northern Ireland? That it brings together universities and researchers or helps local farmers? It spurs economic and social development in poorer regions and supports the unemployed. Progress in cancer research helps patients and creates new treatments. Top-class researchers are enabled to pool knowledge and save money in transnational research projects that benefit European competitiveness. Small and medium sized enterprises receive support to innovate. Risks stemming from climate change and natural disasters are mitigated. Young people get a chance to study, train and volunteer abroad. Children in conflict zones are supported, humanitarian aid is delivered and global food security is improved

60. Making Styria (Austria) a global centre for clean-tech companies with 5000 new jobs: Eco World Styria project – Funding: EUR 444 000 (ERDF)

Eco World Styria was founded in 2005 with the support of EU funds to increase the concentration of successful clean technology (clean-tech) companies in the Austrian region of Styria and to make this a top location worldwide – a „Green Tech Valley“. Impact: The region of Styria is now home to more than 180 clean-tech companies and has one of the highest concentrations worldwide of top class clean technology firms. Since the beginning of the project, eco-innovation has generated 5000 new jobs, increasing company staff on average by over 10% per year. / Europa Press Releases – RAPID, 07.02.2013


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