Green Tech Valley News, June 2014

16. Juni 2014



The Football World Cup is just around the corner and up there with all the action are products from Styria. The roof of the stadium in Manaus was in fact made by the Styrian company Sattler AG. Meanwhile, the Korean equipment company Doosan Lentjes has been added to the increasing number of companies moving into the Green Tech Valley.

Sattler Keeps the Ball Rolling at the World Cup
The roof of the football stadium in Manaus has been assembled by the Styrian company Sattler AG. The 32,000 m2 construction of fabric membranes covers the stadium, which looks like a giant fruit basket and holds 45,000 fans. The special challenge was the tight dimensional tolerance of the 254 panels, which had to be precisely prefabricated and were finally completed without a single scrap of waste.

Styrian Facade for the World Trade Center
SFL technologies acquires a spectacular order for the World Trade Center in New York. With specialisation that includes energy facades, this Styrian supplier is providing the glass elements for Tower One. Here a glass is being used known as dichroic glass, which changes colour depending on the viewing angle. The individual parts of the facade are currently being manufactured in St.Marein im Mürztal and sent progressively by airfreight to New York, so that the tower will be completed on time in November.

Service Alliance for Cluster Members
Environmental companies now have a decisive advantage: The Service Alliance initiated by ECO WORLD STYRIA together with the ten leading international environmental engineering clusters offers cluster members a direct line to global market opportunities. Under the slogan: „Pay 1, get 10“ member companies have access to new business opportunities and contacts with clusters in Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, Singapore, South Korea, Canada or the USA (Colorado, North Carolina) – all at no additional cost.
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Styria Ignites Innovation Rocket at IFAT
Accompanied by the Provincial Minister of Economy, Dr. Christian Buchmann, a 27 member business delegation from ECO WORLD STYRIA visited the IFAT environmental technology trade fair in Munich. The „Green Tech Valley 1“ rocket, an impressive 3D floor graphic, welcomed visitors to IFAT. At the Green Tech Valley reception on Monday evening companies from ECO WORLD STYRIA established new contacts with international environmental technology customers and suppliers. More…

Clarity Nexxt, Finest-grain Sorting Machine
At its exhibition stand Binder + Co presented Clarity nexxt; the world´s first sorting machine which can even sort tiny grains of glass down to 1 mm in size. With outstanding design, highly user-friendly operation and sensor supported maintenance the fourth generation of this leading model is the new benchmark for advanced recycling. The sorting system can also differentiate up to 16 million colour variations.

REDWAVE 3-way Sorting Machine
Redwave unveiled the latest innovation in the sensor-based sorting at this year´s IFAT: The first 3-way sorting machine in the fine particle range! By rearranging the outlet guides even grains between 2 and 12 mm can be sorted by both ejector bars with the same efficiency. Redwave sorting machines are used in the recycling industry in the fields of plastic, paper, e-waste, glass, metals, and wood, etc.

Sludge Press by Bauer, Röhren- und Pumpenwerk
The innovative solution for sludge separation comes from Bauer, Röhren- und Pumpenwerk. The new SPS 1200 sludge press is used in municipal wastewater treatment plants and wherever industrial sludges need to be dewatered, such as in the meat, dairy or leather processing industries. In addition to pumping technology Bauer, Röhren- und Pumpenwerk therefore provides separation solutions and exhibited at IFAT as a total supplier for sludge dewatering.

Cameras Scan Chemical Composition
Under the ECO WORLD STYRIA Match-Making action as part of IFAT, the software company Perception Park presented to selected business customers their new camera system, which detects the chemical composition of materials and displays it in real time. The start-up company offers completely new opportunities for high-quality recycling, as well as for other industries such as mineral separation in mining.

Successful Application of Biogenic Vegetable Net from Verpackungszentrum Graz
For over a year you will have seen compostable net tubes made of cellulose, from the Verpackungszentrum Graz, successfully being used at the largest grocery chains in Austria, REWE and Hofer. The protection of sensitive contents such as zucchini or thin-skinned avocados not only helps to save several tonnes of plastic waste, but it also looks good. ORF also produced a report about this in the TV documentary „Beyond borders“ on May 18 at 18.25.
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Research Power in the Green Tech Valley
Increasing investment is being made in the Green Tech Valley in the implementation of research findings. Almost all of the Research Studios in Austria, in the field of energy and resource efficiency, come from Styria. The activities being promoted include laboratories on film technology, new lithium-ion batteries and integrated energy systems analysis.

25. June – Gleisdorf Workshop: Energy Supply for Intensified Processes in the framework of the Gleisdorf Solar 2014
14.-27.July – Brasov, RO
Smart Metropolitan Regions of Tomorrow eseia International Summer School 2014
15. Nov – Rimini
Ecomondo – 18th International Trade Fair of Material & Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development


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