Green light for immature clusters

6. März 2013



Everyone has listened of business clusters, where companion companies join army in sequence to boost performance.

The Austrian city of Graz is an instance with a cluster specialised in immature technology. It’s a many fit in a world, with 6,000 jobs combined in a past 5 years alone.

KWB is one of Europe’s heading companies in biomass heating. It produces machines that run on granules, timber chips or logs. Using timber reduces a heating check by half. KWB assimilated a cluster in 2005. In a past 8 years, it has grown from 100 to 400 employees, and turnover has doubled, reaching scarcely 75 million euros in 2012.

“The cluster provides us with an ideal height to accommodate new partners, to stay in hold with innovation, and to move out new products into a market,” says KWB’s co-founder Erwin Stubenschrott.

Each year, a association invests 10 percent of a turnover into investigate and development. It’s an investment that advantages a whole cluster.

“The cluster provides us with opportunities to find new partners, it gives us a wider viewpoint and helps us make a right decisions to find a products of a future,” says Erwin Stubenschrott.

This cluster includes 160 companies. It is one of a few to have performed a European Cluster Excellence Initiative Gold Label.

The companies within a cluster suffer an normal expansion rate of 18 percent, scarcely twice a marketplace average. This is interjection to a services a cluster provides to assistance them put in place a right strategies, obtain appropriation and of march innovate in a margin of immature technology.

“For example, Eco World Styria is assisting one association rise a new solar thermal gourmet that is scarcely invisible on a roof. And we also helped companies rise a initial solar, thermally-cooled booze in a world,” says Bernhard Puttinger, General Manager of a Eco World Styria cluster.

Founded in 2005, Eco World Styria is not singular to a European market. The cluster has clients around a world.

“The companies in a cluster trade scarcely 90% of their products to a general markets. That is because we started early on to concur with general clusters like Denmark, Singapore, China or a United States,” says Bernhard Puttinger.

Erwin Stubenschrott has this recommendation for any association meditative of fasten a cluster:  „The keys to success for a association that is partial of a cluster are openness, honesty, and we contingency be prepared to be actively concerned in a cluster.”

BMI Investment Ltd., 08.02.2013


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