Welcome to the world of digital service innovation 

Data-driven services create benefits for your customers, optimize your processes and add value to your products. For many companies it is a challenge to identify the right data sources, analyse them and derive appropriate services with high benefits.


Workshop concept for working with the Data Service Cards


Use the 40 cards as inspiration for developing your new data-driven service!

The Data Service Cards are trigger cards and show examples of data service applications.


The following workshop setting can be used for this purpose:

1. Invite an interdisciplinary team to a workshop appointment (approx. 2hours)

2. Welcome and introduction to the objectives of the workshop

3. Explanation of the procedure with the Data Service Cards

4. Joint clarification of focused question in order to build a common understanding:

  • e.g.: “How do we manage to provide a useful data service for target group XY?”
  • “Which data do we get from our processes?”
  • “Which data is generated by our products/services itself and can be used”

5. Teambuilding or individual work of each participant

  • Teamwork versus individual work: Discussion of the Data Service Cards within the team brings a better understanding of the solution principle

6. Random distribution of cards / choosing of cards or working with all 40 cards

7. Depending on the time available, each participant can systematically go through all cards as a source of inspiration.
    Or the cards can be divided among the teams, who then present the principles and the ideas derived to each other.
Another possibility is the random choosing of only a few cards.

8. Generate ideas with the Data Service Cards as a source of inspiration – write down each idea on a separate sticky note

  • Start with the identification of available data sources
  • When brainstorming on data analysis methods you should always focus on the benefits for your customers
  • From most data sources several services or combinations can be developed. Try to think as broadly as possible and ask your customers which service they find particularly useful
  • Take sufficient time to verify the data benefits

9. Joint discussion of generated ideas and assignment to the respective field of the Data Service Canvas



Martina Schöneich
Green Tech Cluster