VERBUND X Accelerator

21. July 2020


Together with you, VERBUND and its partners want to create solutions that shape the future of energy and infrastructure and secure the supply chain. Join forces with all these strong partners and help to develop innovative business solutions.


The Energy & Infrastructure Innovation Platform 

Are you ready to accelerate your business and test your solutions in the energy and infrastructure industries? VERBUND and its partners are looking for startups, technology companies and SMEs to develop new business opportunities. Work in one team with VERBUND’s employees and its partners – Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft, OMV, Post, Austrian Power Grid, ÖBAG, Erste Group, voestalpine, Green Tech Cluster, Stanford Nanoscale Prototyping Laboratory and RISE. Benefit from top-management involvement for fast decision-making regarding the project implementation.

The use cases developed focus on main international challenges – Climate Change & Critical Infrastructure:

  • Energy Management Forecasts
  • Energy Efficiency Optimization
  • Hydropower Inspection Solutions
  • Next Level PV
  • Hydrogen Storage & H2 Security of Supply
  • Infrastructure of the Future

For start ups, the programme provides the opportunity to cooperate with Austria‘s leading energy and infrastructure companies by entering a structured process within the accelerator programme.


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