TU Graz Sustainable Energy Innovation Award 

The competition of ideas “TU Graz Sustainable Energy Innovation Award 2012” is an internal invitation to tender of Graz University of Technology, which is promoted by Future Fund Styria. The main focus lies on innovative ideas, which stand on the sidelines of the scientific mainstream. Intentionally, future-oriented cooperation structures are to be demonstrated and development paradigms questioned.

The three winner projects are:

Green Interactions
Bernhard König, Institute for Architecture and Landscape

The project wants to demonstrate the potentials of bringing together vegetation and architecture and the influence on the microclimate and urban comfort resulting therefrom, as well as represent the energetic potentials. With their comprehensive approach, the scenarios developed in this project are to indicate new economically and ecologically reasonable possibilities to handle this situation.

Sustainability Indicator for Resource Consumption in Civil Engineering
Alexander Passer, Institute for Materials Testing and Building Materials Technology

In many of the evaluation systems for the sustainability of buildings available today, a comprehensive evaluation parameter for resource efficiency is still missing. In this project, for the evaluation and assessment of measures in terms of sustainable development, there is to be an extension of the currently available evaluation processes with regard to a sustainability indicator for resource efficiency in building construction.

Vehicle Safety Aspects of High-Voltage Batteries
Christoph Breitfuß, Institute for Vehicle Safety

The objective of the project is the generation of a comprehensive structure-mechanical R&D model of a single lithium-ion cell for a simulation software like the one mostly applied in the area of crash simulation. In the next step, this model is linked with failure criteria to be newly developed, in order to forecast possible reactions and determine risk potentials with it.

Source: Graz University of Technology/04.07.2012
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