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Efficient Metal Recycling with High-Performance Briquetting Presses


ATM machines turn scrap into valuable secondary raw materials

The economic treatment of metal scrap is a central issue in the recycling industry around the world. Important questions in the field of metal recycling are, for example, the reduction of volume, better transport options and the reduction of oil and other fluids in metal swarf.

ATM Recyclingsystems provides the right solution for every requirement and stands for quality „made in Austria “. High-performance briquetting presses by ATM provide an efficient and economic treatment of metal scrap and are furthermore resource saving and environmentally friendly. ArnoBrik briquetting presses are on demand world-wide and allow an especially efficient and sustainable treatment of metal swarf.


Briquetting of metal swarf

The briquetting of metal is a special technique that has been perfected by ATM Recyclingsystems over several decades. Not only in the field of briquetting but also in the agglomeration of metal in general, ATM offers high quality recycling systems.

Briquetting is a relatively old technique with which chips, dust, and sludge are fed by a laterally arranged automatic feed into a press bush, where they get pre-compressed. Next, the stamp moves forward, sometimes even cutting off chips when passing over the feed opening, and then compresses the chips in the compression chamber. The compression chamber is the most highly stressed part of the press. It is enlarged up to 0.2 mm due to the enormous discharge pressure of up to 5000 bar, which is applied by the stamp on the front of the briquette.

In order to achieve the perfect results, years of know-how in engineering and material science are required to find the perfect construction material with regard to toughness and hardness. Recent research topics are, for instance, the process-oriented treatment of metal swarf where the aim is to find one single process and technique in order to achieve the best possible results from a wide range of different material qualities.


Sandrina Harrer
ATM Recyclingssystems