Technology leaders are growing faster

18. September 2018


This year's economic survey of the Styrian green tech industry shows impressively that research and development plays a key role in environmental technology: R & D spending by these companies increased by 8% to 418 million euros within one year. Innovative companies with high R & D expenditures grow 4 times faster than the average. These particularly strong research companies are even expecting a sales increase of almost 18% this year. There were records in the employment of 22,261 persons (+2.6%) and the turnover of 4.88 billion euros (+1.5%) - in each case only the pure environmental technology sectors are counted in the companies. The satisfaction of the partners with the Green Tech Cluster reached a new high with the grade 1.3 (excellent).


2016 2017 Veränderung
Total turnover in billion € 10,51 10,65 +1,3 %
Green tech turnover in billion € 4,80 4,88 +1,5 %
Total employees 51.081 52.652 +3,1 %
Green Tech employees 21.699 22.261 +2,6 %


Andreas Pompenig
Green Tech Cluster
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