Styrian cooling for furniture giant

14. March 2018


The workforce at the IKEA location in Singapore, in the tropics, can now look forward to some 1.587 MWh of environmentally friendly solar heat energy every year. The energy, which is generated by a 2,472 m² S.O.L.I.D. plant, is used to drive an absorption chiller for the air conditioning of the furniture store. Not only does this significantly reduce electricity consumption, it also saves 428 tonnes of CO2 per year. The system is a showcase project for the industry that demonstrates the technical and economic potential of the technology and is already the second solar cooling system from S.O.L.I.D. to be installed in Southeast Asia.


Singapore: Furniture giant IKEA installs Solar Cooling from SOLID

IKEA Singapore operates its department store air conditioning with a brand new environmentally friendly large-scale solar plant from SOLID. With this project, the furniture giant shows the technical and economic potential of the technology for the whole industry.

SOLID and IKEA Singapore celebrated the operation of the large-scale solar plant in Singapore on the 7th of February 2018. The 2,472sqm facility produces about 1.587 MWh of solar heat per year, which delivers energy for an 880kW absorption chiller. IKEA employees largely welcome the cold produced at the tropical location. The solar system with its 15 m³ buffer storage reduces power consumption significantly and also helps to reduce expensive electricity costs. In addition, 428 tons of CO2 are avoided each year. This is equal to about 200 scheduled flights from Singapore to Sydney. More impressions of the solar system can be found in the IKEA image film.

The project was realized in close cooperation with the SOLID subsidiary SAES, which is directly based in Singapore. It´s already the second solar cooling plant in the Southeast Asian region. As early as 2011, SOLID realized a 3,872 m² facility for solar cooling and water heating for the United World College (UWC) Singapore. By 2014, it was the largest system for solar cooling worldwide. Half of all large, globally installed Solar Cooling systems were built by SOLID, including the top three.

Solar thermal air conditioning offers numerous commercial and industrial companies the opportunity to exploit potential for reducing costs and increasing their environmental performance.



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