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Creative ideas and innovative approaches are the hallmark of the start-up community in energy and environmental technology. But often these ideas need to be taken a step further and developed as a viable commercial prospect. The Green Tech Cluster supports young entrepreneurs with a whole range of services. An essential part of this is establishing visibility in the sector and reaping the benefits of meaningful networking. There are more than 40 Green Tech start-ups in the cluster that promote the pioneering spirit of the location.

Startups in the Green Tech Valley


Green ideas are nurtured and supported in the cluster up to the initial business foundation and beyond. It assists young enterprises in establishing international reputation, enabling participation in relevant sector events and trade fairs and providing an interface for green investment.

So, why not benefit from the largest network of green start-ups in Austria as well?

Cluster services for business startups

Green Tech Hub

Innovative ideas require space to develop!
The Green Tech Hub is located in the Science Tower in the Smart City, and offers 11 office rooms for incubating innovative ideas. Start-up enterprises will not only find space to work here, they will also have the support of network services to further develop their business concept. Start-ups using the offices also benefit from a rent subsidy from the city of Graz. In addition, the Green Tech Cluster provides access to its network of some 250 businesses and research institutions in the environmental technology sector.

Green Tech Summer Graz

In most cases, an idea alone is insufficient to start out in the commercial world. This is the logic behind the Green Tech Summer initiative: assisting students in the final stages of developing their green business concept through to setting up their own company. Young entrepreneurs gain the necessary know-how for the commercial world through start-up workshops, coaching and training to pitch their business. They are assisted in drawing up business plans and establish contacts with potential partners and investors by personal mentors.

Climate Tech Landscape

The joint initiative of the Green Tech Cluster and the startup Glacier – the Climate Tech Landscape – present the Austrian startup scene in the Climate Tech area. Austria-wide 150 Climate Tech Startups were recorded, which contribute to climate protection through innovative technologies.

Green Tech Jam

The Green Tech Jam is a 48 hour hackathon event, run jointly with Graz University of Technology, in which interdisciplinary students develop prototypes, concepts and applications under the theme of Code & Concept for Green Tech. The focus is on collaborative lateral thinking for innovative solutions. The best solutions are awarded prizes at the Green Tech Innovators Club. The Green Tech Jam is an opportunity for talented young people to pursue their ideas and connect with potential employers.

Top of Green Tech

The Top of Green Tech Event is the largest national event in Austria for green start-up businesses. Presentations are given by keynote speakers on the latest trends and developments in the Green Tech sector and their experiences and insights provide inspiration for discussion and developing start-up businesses further. Start-up enterprises often have their finger on the pulse and we provide them with the opportunity to present their professional background, visionary concepts and products to the industry. We set up meetings with technology companies and cooperation partners from the environmental technology sector to allow them to talk to each other. Together, they generate and develop ideas.

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