Sparks for new white-green technologies 

In international comparison, Styria occupies a leading position in the field of energy and environmental technology. The research quota of 4.3% is the second highest in Europe and the Styrian energy- and environmental technology cluster Eco World Styria with its approx. 170 member companies takes first place among global environmental-clusters.

The backbone of this success is formed by the Styrian economic strategy as well as the Styrian research strategy with the focus being on the areas of Eco Tech and mobility. In addition to the Styrian research elite, the Cleantech Innovators Club is increasingly attracting international researchers, among them professors from ETH Zurich to the University of Hawaii. The Federal Ministry BMWFJ, BMVIT, ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management as well as the Climate and energy fund and the Research Promotion Agency also come to gain insight into the Styrian innovation landscape.

More than 110 leaders of innovation from science and industry use the Cleantech Innovators Club to learn about Research-projects. This time for example energy-efficient foodstuff refrigeration (AHT Cooling), new materials for Lithium-based energy storage devices (TU Graz), more efficient process-technologies for the utilization of biomass (ANDRITZ Energy & Environment) as well as a new method for the sorting of ores (BT- Wolfgang Binder) were in the focus.

The mix of research projects from various fields and the discussions make the Cleantech Innovators Club exciting and inspiring. “Chance and lateral thinking are siblings, the new needs this freedom in time and space and realised innovations require structure and organisation”, according to Mario J. Müller, CEO of fibag. Erich Brugger, Managing Director of FH CAMPUS 02 emphasizes: “The Cleantech Innovators Club is a central platform with the purpose of informing the companies of the energy- and environmental sectors on our available knowledge and possible support services. “

High-ranking representatives of the Austrian Federal Ministry BMWFJ, BMVIT, ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management as well as the Climate and energy fund and the Research Promotion Agency FFG let themselves be given an insight into the Styrian innovation focuses. This mix of research projects from various fields, industry news and discussions on the so-called topic-tables makes the CIC exciting and inspirational.

Alexander Murer from the TU Graz introduces an innovative bio-reactor with great potential into the industry lime-light. Dr. Fabrice Giuliani of CBOne explained the MethaNull concept for the utilization of landfills. The EU-Project GADGET (Good Practice Pilot Action for Innovative Industries) with focus on the qualification of SMEs was presented by René Wenzel, FH Joanneum. Mag. With “Small things on large surfaces” Ernst Peter Zinterl of Joanneum Research pointed to new applications in the area of materials.

Following the highlights industry experts presented inspirational, innovative, utopian projects and food for thought:
The awarding of the Green Tech Challenge Award was a premier. This year many young up-and-coming talents from Styrian universities and technical colleges for the first time took part in this idea competition. That which was sought were pioneering, lateral thought and visionary ideas for the energy- and environmental techniques of tomorrow. For their exceptional concepts, Silke Heiss, FH CAMPUSS02 and Michael Pusterhofer, Montanuni Leoben were awarded the Green Tech Challenge Award.

We are looking forward to see you at the 6th Cleantech Innovators Club on the 30th of October 2013 at the TU Graz.