Solar panel for historic cities 

New Styrian product combines clean energy with preservation of listed rooftop landscape

Graz (29.08.2014): The residents of the old town in Graz can now harvest the sun. Today a new product innovation comes on the market for protecting the listed rooftop landscape in Graz, which can make technologies such as solar panels appear invisible behind a special glass surface.

SKIN®energyroof are a new type of glass shingle from SFL technologies GmbH and cover dark solar and photovoltaic systems underneath. When looking down from the castle mountain or neighbouring buildings, these installations are perfectly integrated and almost indistinguishable in the rooftop landscape. The incident solar radiation is transmitted to the underlying solar modules virtually unimpeded.

“We would like to use the roofs of the city for clean energy.” explains the Mayor of Graz, Siegfried Nagl. “We are therefore currently looking at possibilities for public buildings to see if we can simultaneously meet the protected building requirements as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

A pilot plant installed at the Dennig Manor Farm in Graz-Andritz has been running for several months. Mario Müller, CEO of fibag, the research organization of the SFL technologies, is monitoring the results and notes that “The measurements collected so far surpass all expectations both in commercial and aesthetic aspects.” SFL technologies GmbH has been working for two years on the development of SKIN®energyroof. The glass shingles have a coloured coating that can be adapted to any type of colour.

The idea for the development of the product was formed in a discussion of experts in the Styrian environmental engineering cluster ECO WORLD STYRIA: Together with the ASVK, the Graz Old Town Listed Building Commission, SFL technologies GmbH developed the advanced solution for environmentally friendly energy generation in historic cities, taking into account the technical requirements in conservation areas. This demonstrates once again how Styria reinforces its reputation as the “Green Tech Valley”, as a hotspot for green innovation.

About SFL technologies
The Styrian based company, SFL technologies GmbH, was founded by Hans Höllwart in 1993 and has since then been active in the Industrial Equipment and Project business. The focus is on energy and environmental technologies. With more than 800 employees at locations in Austria, Hungary and Romania, the company provides customer focussed new product innovations and project management services.

The Green Tech Valley
Styria is internationally known as the Green Tech Valley, as the world´s no.1address for Environmental Technology Innovation. 170 companies and research institutions work in the ECO WORLD STYRIA cluster on the leading innovations of tomorrow in biomass, building and recycling technology.

DI Dr. Mario Müller (CEO fibag), Mag. Siegfried Nagl (Mayor of Graz), DI Dr. Wolfdieter Dreibholz (ASVK) und Ing. Bernhard Puttinger, MBA (CEO ECO WORLD STYRIA)