Smarter sensor secures power supply 

Eologix Sensor Technology GmbH develops flexible, wireless sensors for temperature measurement and detection of ice build-up on wind turbine rotor blades. (Wind turbines: “windmills” to generate electrical energy).

Icing on wind turbines causes downtime and as a result loss of revenue in the generation of renewable energy. Unlike all other systems currently in use, the patented, direct measurement system on the rotor blade can achieve a reduction in downtime (and thus a reduction of revenue losses) of up to 50%. Icing also leads to safety risks and greater mechanical loads on the wind turbine, which can be prevented by precise ice detection. It is therefore essential to precisely detect the ice build-up on the rotor blades for efficient operation of wind turbines.

This is achieved using sensor technology, which the founders have been engaged in over many years prior to starting their business, as part of their university research. A significant feature of the sensors is that all the necessary components (sensor elements for ice build-up and thickness, the power supply and radio module) are completely encapsulated in a thin (less than 2mm), flexible unit. As a result mounting on the rotor blade is extremely simple (i.e. it is simply applied just like a sticker). Due to the integrated power supply, maintenance- free operation over many years is possible throughout. There is no need for cabling, drilling etc.

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