Smart metal recycling

30. June 2020


A successful collaboration of cluster partners: For digitisation of all its recycling systems, the metal recycling specialist ATM has put its trust in high-performance technology from t-matix. The technology captures data in real time on usage patterns, product optimisation, utilisation and maintenance and makes it available to the client in a simplified and prepared format. The resulting data analysis allows, for example, greatly simplified maintenance and servicing of plant and equipment and improved planning for sustainable savings in resources.


Digital recycling solution increases efficiency

Information that was previously only available to the ATM service team following a special request can now be verified both immediately and clearly by the client in real time. With the benefit of ATM Smart, precise data from the recycling machines is captured in real time and made available to the client in a simple, prepared format. This facilitates the generation of key information and better utilisation of resources.


The data that can be gained and analysed by digitising the machines includes usage patterns, product optimisation, utilisation analyses and maintenance. The secondary raw materials processing plant has been equipped with specially configured hardware from t-matix, which is connected to the PLC interface of the various machines. The data that is captured is transmitted to a t-matix IoT platform where it can be visualised via interactive dashboards.

The resulting data analysis allows, for example, greatly simplified maintenance and servicing of plant and equipment and sustainable savings in resources. As a result, the company’s employees use the App to simply obtain precise maintenance intervals and are therefore able to coordinate the maintenance of several machines more effectively. In addition, the system gives an early warning on wear parts that need replacement, enabling parts deliveries, swap-outs and maintenance to be planned and optimised more effectively. Utilisation data shows the potential for improvement, allowing for the most efficient operation. This allows you to get the most out of your machinery.


ATM Smart Recycling Solutions are now available as an additional feature for all types of briquetting and packaging press. The App, along with the web portal, is available for Android and iOS systems.



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