Siemens Weiz delivers turbines for Irish wind farms 

– Clean electricity for around 125,000 Irish households
– 36 SWT-3.0-101 and 20 SWT-3.2-101 type gearless turbines
– Service contracts over a period of 15 years
– 20 transformers sourced from Weiz for the Sliabh Bawn wind farm

Siemens has received two orders for onshore wind farm projects in Ireland. 36 directly operated D3 wind turbines are being supplied for the Cloosh Valley wind farm – also known as the Galway Wind Park Phase 2 – and extend Ireland´s renewable energy supply by 108 megawatts (MW). The second contract includes 20 SWT-3.2-101 type wind turbines for the Sliabh Bawn wind farm in County Roscommon. The commissioning of the Cloosh project is scheduled for the middle of 2017, and Sliabh Bawn for the beginning of 2017. Both of the contracts include service agreements for a period of 15 years. The servicing package includes use of the Siemens remote diagnostic system, which improves the performance and availability of wind turbines over the long term. The transformers for the Sliabh Bawn wind farm have already been ordered and are designed and built at the Siemens factory in Weiz. A total of 20 units, each of 3.4 megavolt amperes (MVA), will be delivered to Ireland from the middle of 2016.
The transformer factory in Styria is the single-source supplier within the concern, and therefore the exclusive manufacturer of transformers for Siemens turnkey wind farms, both for onshore and offshore projects. The transformers supplied from the Styrian factory are used in every wind farm built by Siemens. In total, transformers with an overall capacity of 5,000 MVA are manufactured in Weiz annually for wind farms.

The Sliabh Bawn wind power plant is being built on the Sliabh Bawn hills, south of Strokestown. With 20 direct drive wind turbines and an installed capacity of 64 MW, it will supply clean electricity for around 41,000 households. A focus of the project is to promote the region: for example, in accordance with its charter, the operator is including a Community Benefit Scheme to improve local recreational facilities and is supporting local initiatives. Local businesses will benefit both during construction and during operation of the wind farm.