Schrott24 takes over METALSALE

3. September 2019


Schrott24 has recently acquired METALSALE, which is the largest trading platform for non-ferrous metals with a monthly turnover of around one million Euro. The acquisition is an important milestone in the further digitalisation of the metal recycling market. Schrott24 has steered a growth course right from its foundation in 2016, and actively supports EU-wide initiatives to increase the rate of recycling metals and consequently reduce the dependence on energy-intensive extraction of primary raw materials.


Schrott24 takes over METALSALE

Schrott24 acquired the competitor METALSALE at the end of August 2019. METALSALE was founded in 2017 by Jochen Kuritz and Gerrit Mewes in Cologne and has operated at Europe’s largest trading platform for non-ferrous metals. METALSALE has attracted well-known investors such as the 10x Group, Kristofer Fichtner and Gerald Schönbucher since its foundation and has recently generated a monthly turnover of around one million euros. Schrott24 takes over all relevant assets from METALSALE. Silence has been agreed on the purchase price. The online trading platform at will be transferred to or with effect from 31.08.2019 at the latest. Except for the new company name, nothing has changed for the previous METALSALE customers: the business continues as usual. Schrott24 was founded in 2016 and currently trades mainly scrap metals from Germany and Austria and sells them throughout Europe.
Positioning of the company in large-volume trading is significantly improved
“The acquisition of METALSALE directly supports our growth targets. It is also an important milestone on our way to digitizing the metal recycling market, “said Jan Pannenbäcker, Managing Director of Schrott24. According to Pannenbäcker, the decisive factor for this is a platform that provides a user interface tailored to their needs for the various target groups. In the future, the company wants to attract more customer groups, especially in large-volume and direct trade both with scrap dealers on the one hand and with smelters on the other. “Our offer will improve significantly in these segments, and we will continue to address both B2B and B2C customers in the future,” explains Jan Pannenbäcker. “For example, we will be able to acquire larger volumes from scrap dealers in the future and offer them better terms and conditions.” Gerrit Mewes, founder of METALSALE, also expects the acquisition to improve its position on the market: “Our users will benefit from the bundling of offers from Schrott24 and METALSALE and in the future have even more possibilities in the digital purchase and sale of non-ferrous metal scrap “.
Company has been on a constant growth path since its foundation in 2016
Schrott24 has been on a growth path since it was founded in 2016, thereby supporting the EU-wide efforts to increase the recycling rate of metal and thus reduce the energy-intensive and CO2-intensive mining of primary raw materials. At the end of June 2019, the company implemented more than 8,000 transactions and is an attractive partner with a digital business model, especially for mid-sized metal recycling companies in Europe. As of June 30, 2019, Schrott24 employed an international team of 15 employees. The Schrott24 homepage, where both commercial and private sellers can sell scrap metal and electronic scrap, is currently visited by around 90,000 unique visitors each month.
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