Sattler AG brings the highest “Made in Austria” quality to Australia 

The largest double membrane gas storage in the 5th continent successfully installed in Brisbane

In the course of an Australian environmental initiative for a cleaner, greener future, Sattler received the contract from an international food company for the design, construction and installation of a textile double-membrane gas storage (DMGS) system for storing biogas.

The DMGS is one of the largest biogas storage units in the world and the largest in Australia, and was installed in Brisbane at the end of October, under the expert guidance of Sattler, in a record time of just four days. Its storage volume amounts to 6,000 m³, with a diameter of 24.5 m and a storage height of 18.4 metres. Sector head at Sattler Umwelttechnik, DI Rainer Kindelmann, noted that: “Customers around the globe rely on our technical expertise and premium quality, and our biogas storage systems on all continents and in different climatic regions are a testimony to this.”

The DMGS from Sattler is part of a system with an expected throughput volume of 50,000 gigajoules of biogas per year, which corresponds to the energy usage of more than 3.000 households. The generation of biogas from food waste, also referred to as biomethane in the processed form, is a renewable and readily storable energy carrier, which is increasingly gaining in importance internationally. As Sattler Board Director, Lisbeth Wilding, commented: “This installation allows the cost-effective storage of the biogas, produced from internal waste, and makes it available on-demand, independent of wind or sun. The energy recovered through this is entirely for internal factory use. This not only lowers operating costs, reduces in-house generated emissions and replaces fossil fuels pro rata, it also reduces CO2 emissions.”

Together with this positive contribution to the environmental initiative, mentioned above, and to the goals on climate change, the wish of the operator to have a highly visible company logo has also been realised. This has been applied to the storage unit with the impressive size of 14 x 8.8 m and is clearly visible ten kilometres away. The implementation of the logo print presented a particular challenge for the engineering and the fabrication departments of Sattler Umwelttechnik and of its type and manner is quite unique.