Remediation with self-learning, intelligent solutions 

With a new generation of in-situ plants for the elimination of environmentally damaging mineral oil hydrocarbons from soil and groundwater, sowatec gmbh supports environmental engineering know-how and networking. In the engineering room, the data are recorded and analysed using a software-controlled system. On the basis of the evaluated data, the plant automatically adjusts itself to the changed remediation conditions.

The first plants of the new generation are used, e.g., in Russia for the decontamination of future economic areas and enormously increase the property value.
With the air-sparging compressor, air can be blown into up to ten wells (per remediation container). The contaminated air is then extracted from the ground via up to ten wells using a side channel compressor. The extracted air is passed through two activated carbon drums and the purified soil air is discharged.

The young company with its headquarters in Schäffern in Styria is a specialist for remediation. For more information, go to