REDWAVE innovation for more paper recycling 

At the Ecomondo trade fair, REDWAVE presented their new sorting machine for recognition of Flexoprint for the first time. Newspapers printed with the Flexoprint process must be prevented from entering the de-inking process, since they have a negative effect on the product quality.

This problem primarily concerns the Italian and English paper industry, since in those countries some of the newspapers are produced with the Flexoprint process. Newspapers from these countries could therefore not be used to produce high-quality paper.

However, now it has become possible to realise this market potential using the REDWAVE Flexoprint sorting machine, and thereby to counter the decline in recycled paper collection.

The REDWAVE Flexoprint sorting machine is the result of three years of research and development, carried out together with international partners in the paper industry.

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REDWAVE Flexoprint sorting maschine