REDWAVE CX-CXF – the new 3-way sorting technology 

The REDWAVE colour detection system may be additionally expanded into the adjacent wavelengths beyond the RGB range. With the additionally obtained information, a multitude of special glasses, which do not have distinction features in the RGB range, can be detected and discharged.

With the discharge direction from the rear or front, respectively, both valve strips have the same distance to the detection zone and thus the same delay time. This new concept in combination with high-speed valves with the smallest valve distance and optimised discharge nozzles enables compact plant concepts with fewer sorting steps without reductions in quality or quantity of the end products.

REDWAVE CX and CXF sorters may be used in the recycling of hollow and flat glass in the range 2-60mm for the following sorting tasks:
– Separation of CSP (ceramics, stone, porcelain) and metals
– Colour sorting (white, green, brown glass, semi-colours, etc.)
– Separation of composite glass, acrylic glass and transparent plastic parts
– Separation of numerous special glasses

Separation of other undesired materials (lead glass, glass-ceramics and plastic)

A further central subject of the event was the presentation of most different sorting technologies for separation of other undesired materials, as, e.g., plastic, PVB, lead glass or glass-ceramics from the broken glass.

With the proven REDWAVE XRF (X-ray fluorescence) technology, separation of lead glass and glass-ceramics was demonstrated. Analysing the supplied material with regard to the element composition, independent of the colour, lead-containing glass or glass-ceramics can be clearly distinguished from conventional glass and sorted out. The separation of lead-containing glass and glass-ceramics takes place with a machine (sorting stage) and may possibly also be designed as a 3-way system.

A relatively new technology in the area of glass recycling is sorting with near-infrared sensors (NIR) for separation of plastic materials from broken glass. With the REDWAVE NIR-G sorting machine, a machine was demonstrated, which is especially used for separation of plastic parts, which cannot be separated using suction systems or other air systems.

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