Recycling of phosphoric acid 

BDI receives the order to plan an innovative specialized plant


The Styrian plant engineering company BDI – BioEnergy International GmbH is working on a funded project to recover phosphorus together with the companies REMONDIS and HAMBURG WASSER

By planning this specific plant, the Austrian company BDI – BioEnergy International GmbH can prove once again its expertise according to the company’s slogan “from Waste to Value”. Working in this project, BDI is responsible for up scaling, preparing the documents for the engineering authorities and for engineering in detail. The plant should operate by 2020 recycling from 20,000 tons of sludge to 6,500 tons of pure phosphorus acid.

Germany has to import phosphorus, which is a very important but also very scarce raw material. Due to building a recycling plant, this project fundamentally supports the policies that this raw material has to be recycled from sewage water by 2029 at the latest.

“After a two-year pilot phase the Hamburg Phosphorrecyclinggesellschaft mbh was founded – it had already been initiated by HAMBURG WASSER and REMONDIS in 2015. The test run has proven the technical feasibility and profitability of this procedure. The REMONDIS TetraPhos®-procedure is the only known procedure on the market that can recover phosphorus in a profitable way. “– statement by REMONDIS in an official press release of 3rd April 2018.

Engineer Markus Dielacher, Managing Director at BDI: “We can contribute considerably to this project with our expertise in building plants that produce value from waste. Working together with REMONDIS and HAMBURG WASSER poses a new challenge for us. We can contribute with our know-how and technological skills to this new and very important field for the future.”


Markus Dielacher
BDI – BioEnergy International GmbH